I hope ye’ve aa hid a sunny an blyth Simmer! Efter a lang an luvely simmer break, whaur I’ve maistly bin sittin at my desk (in the gairden) scrievin music an maakin ettlins (...an daein my tax return – muckle pernim, Amy?) I’m verra cantie an restit, an sae pleased tae be warkin wi some braw fowks, boorachs, scuils an projecks this tairm.

My luvely Liltin Lassies kicked aff again mid August fer oor twelth year o sang, friendship an blethers, an we hae hunners o excitin performances comin up in the new few months. Ye can read mair aboot this here. here.

I am aaso muckle excitit tae be back warkin wi mony ither lovely singin groups an communeety boorachs – Wighton Singers, Angus Folk, Just Singin’ an Blackford Sings. Scuil Scots Sang an Leid projecks, as weel as the RCS Junior Conservatoire programme, are keepin me busy tae, sae I’m up tae my een (nae really sayin muckle as I’m no awfae vertically giftit onyway) in sangs, leid worksheets, sheet music an ettlins fer them.

Anither wee hielicht (weel, ilka hing is a hielicht) is that I’m warkin yince mair wi Tayside Health and Arts Trust tae deeliver their Singin fer health Community Boorach, Vocal Chord, that I greatly enjoyed tutorin back in Februar o this year.

Hoper yer aa weel an lookin forrit tae the end of the wasps, that this year, I swear are the size o seamaws.

A x

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