Hullo an weelcome tae my new wabsite! Ower the last few months I hae bin warkin wi the verra braw Marissa Waite Creative tae design an launch a new wee bit o space fer myself oan this here t’interwebs, whaur ye can come an find oot aboot my wark in Scots sang an Leid.

Here, ye can read aboot the sindry projecks I rin an am insnorlit wi, hearken tae my news an contack me. I wark maistly as a Scots sang an leid tutor, an singin boorach heid yin, bit I also hae a great time warkin wi ither communeety boorachs an performin.

Please get in touch gin ye’d like tae ken mair, bit fer noo, I luik forrit tae udatin ye wi aa my news an blethers!

A x

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