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Singin Boorach Heid Yin | Sangster | Scots Sang & Leid Dominie

Amy & her passion fer Scots cultur

Growin up in a musical hame in Dunblane, Amy’s luve fer Scottish Tradeetional Music an sang wis forged fae an early age. She studied Scottish Music, specialisin in Scots sang an leid at the Royal Conservatoire o Scotlan (formally RSAMD) an in 2015 wis a nominee fer Scots Sangster o the Year in the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards.

Amy is a muckle soucht efter dominie based in the middlins o Scotlan. She’s kent nae anely fer her depth o kennins o Scots music an sangs, bit forbye fer her enthusiastic, fun approach tae teachin. She ayeweys enshuirs a comfie kennin space an experience, an is able tae cater tae a wide range o abeelities tae enshuir ehr students get as much frae her teachin as possible.

Amy's Wark

Efter graduatin, she stairtit an continues tae rin award nominatit, faur benned community singin boorach The Liltin Lassies, as weel as becoming a raiglar an veesitin dominie fer mony ither singin boorachs an choirs aroon Scotlan.

Amang her ither wark an projecks, she is the projeck co-makar an dominie o the successful YMI fundit scuil’s Scots Sang an Leid Projeck, she is Scots Sang lecturer in the junior dept of the RCS, warks extensively wi various health an recovery music an sang groups and performs occasionally.

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