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how to create a pro forma income statement

Now you have to liquidate inventory, sell your machinery, and wind down relationships with cat widget vendors. Let’s say your business manufactures and sells widgets to the general public. You make widgets for kids, widgets for adults, widgets for dogs, and widgets for cats. Over a period of 6 months, you realize that the widgets for cats are just not selling. Purchasing a building with cash is an example of an operating activity; the company has a cash outflow for the purchase. Shows an estimate of how much profit will be distributed to company owners/shareholders.

  • Susan explains to Jack that while she wants the statements to be as accurate as possible, they are to be used internally to make an acquisition decision.
  • The objective is to facilitate the analysis of an investor seeking to assess the future of a company on the basis of comparable elements.
  • The sales total and customer payment history help the firm determine the accounts receivable balance.
  • Remember that our chosen methods for generating new business will need to change as the business grows.
  • In either case, the starting point is the company’s income statement.
  • On the other hand, you can also get projections that would deplete your startup’s capital and create financial challenges.

Technically, a pro forma income statement is not so different from a traditional income statement that includes past performance and financial health of the company. But as mentioned earlier, a pro forma income statement projects the future financial health rather than the past. Contrary to misguided perception, pro forma financial statements are not reserved for big corporations.

Linking the Three Pro Forma Financial Statements

They do not follow generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, which are general reporting requirements that all U.S. business must follow. Pro forma documents do not detail how a business is actually performing, but rather how to create a pro forma income statement how a business will possibly perform. The pro forma financial statements are estimates made from financial documents, which help create the pro forma cash flow statement, pro forma income statement, and pro forma balance sheet.

  • Many entrepreneurs and small business owners prepare these statements when writing their business plan.
  • Businesses use pro forma financial documents internally to aid in decision-making and externally to showcase the effect of business decisions.
  • Again, use objective measures and be rational when forecasting these figures.
  • The chosen method often determines at what price we need to sell our product to make a profit.
  • Knowing how the pro forma documents are compiled and what is left out is also critical when comparing different pro forma statements.
  • Other liabilities include the loans on the semi-trucks and buildings.

A few weeks later, after Jack has created pro-forma financial statements for Doggie Dogs, he makes a recommendation to purchase the company. Learn what pro forma financial statements are, the purpose of preparing pro forma statements and when they are needed. Pro forma financial statements are a great tool to evaluate alternatives. Most businesses have limited resources, and pro forma reports can help you make better decisions with what you have. Financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, based on a set of assumptions. You can also use pro forma statements to generate financial ratios.

When Would I Need A Pro Forma Income Statement?

The most common pro forma financial statements are projected balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Together, the documents help you assess whether your business’s financial health improves, declines, or remains the same following the decision.

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Creating pro forma statements is easy with dozens of free and paid tools available online. Here are some ways pro forma financials can benefit your company, no matter which stage of operation you’re at. In business and investing, it refers to the manner in which a firm calculates and presents its financial results. The pro forma calculation method emphasizes current and projected figures. Afterward, type this formula in cell C81 to find the operating cash flow. Now, from the cash flow statement, we will get the net cash flow values. Input those values by typing the following formula in cell D51 and filling in the formula on the right side.

Pro-forma Income Statement Considerations

Afterward, type this formula in cell C14 and drag this down and then to the right side to fill the formula. Then, type another formula in cell C10 to calculate the refunds. Creditors, in particular, would be concerned about this because additional debt might violate preexisting debt covenants. Meanwhile, investors might not care because the growth in income outweighs the increase in debt. I’d advise Russel to hire a part-time assistant to reduce the risk of sinking nearly $60,000 into a new position when he’s not sure he’ll see the increased revenue he’s expecting. He can always offer the person a full-time job after his projection actualizes.

Companies are motivated to have aggressive goals for business performance. Each pro forma financial statement provides specific details anyone can use to invest financial interest in a business. Jack travels to Doggie Dogs’ headquarters to review their financials and create a pro-forma balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. Hence while evaluating, investors and analysts should pay attention to what is and is not included while preparing the pro forma income statements. Restructuring CostsRestructuring Cost is the one-time expense incurred by the company in the process of reorganizing its business operations. It is done to improve the long term profitability and working efficiency. This expenditure is treated as the non-operating expenses in the financial statements.

A pro forma income statement, along witha pro forma cash flowanda pro forma balance sheet, form the primary financial projections for a business. They should also be included with in the financial ofa business plan. Pro forma financial statements are designed to emphasize specific figures in a company’s financial reports.

how to create a pro forma income statement

Whether you “might” lose an account or make an acquisition, pro forma financial statements allow a glimpse into the future. This type of pro forma projection looks at the past financial statements of your business, plus the past financial statements of a business you want to buy. Then it merges them to show what your financials would have looked like if you made a business combination earlier. You can use this scenario as a model of what may happen in the future if you buy the other business and restructure now. An income statement is one of the most critical financial statements in every accountant’s toolbox.

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