Amy Lord

Singin Boorach Heid Yin | Sangster | Scots Sang & Leid Dominie

Amy is a soucht-efter dominie sharin her luve o Scottish heritage, culture an leid throu it’s bonnie music an sang.

Scots music & cultur

Amy uses her friendly an enthusiastic character tae impairt her passion fer Scots Leid, cultur an history throu it’s rich heritage o music an sang.

Her relationship wi the tradeetion means she is hantle in demand as a sang heid yin, music arranger an dominie wi her abeelity tae engage fowk o aa ages wi her fun, licht yet eydent teachin style. Wi her bonnie voice an humoursome naitur she is forbye a popular sangster an performer.


Amy is a raiglar an faur ben visitin tutor fer mony projecks, choirs an sang boorachs, as baith a Scots Sang specialist an singin tutor. She uses her ain ootstaundin an creative sang arrangements in her warkshoaps, which are muckle in demand an commissioned fer use in ither boorachs.

She rins a communeety singin boorach fer wimmin, The Liltin Lassies, which helps wimmin o different ages, loanins an backgroonds come thegither throu music.

Amy deleevers fun an engaging projecks an warkshoaps tae nursery an schuil age bairns which biggs an understaunin an enthusiasm fer the rich heritage o Scotlan’s sang an leid.

Amy is a daub haund an experienced, freendly dominie, based in middlins Scotlan. Enthusiastic an patient, she ayeweys enshuirs a comfie kennin space an experience, an is able tae cater tae a wide range o abeelities tae enshuir ehr students get as much frae her teachin as possible.

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