Autumn 2019

I hope ye’ve aa hid a sunny an blyth Simmer! Efter a lang an luvely simmer break, whaur I’ve maistly bin sittin at my desk (in the gairden) scrievin music an maakin ettlins ( daein my tax return – muckle pernim, Amy?) I’m verra cantie an restit, an sae pleased tae be warkin wi some

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Hullo & Weelcome!

Hullo an weelcome tae my new wabsite! Ower the last few months I hae bin warkin wi the verra braw Marissa Waite Creative tae design an launch a new wee bit o space fer myself oan this here t’interwebs, whaur ye can come an find oot aboot my wark in Scots sang an Leid. Here, ye can

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