Fun an engaging projecks an warkshoaps tae nursery an schuil age bairns.

Scots Sang an Leid Projeck

Syne 2008 in pairtnership wi the Tolbooth, Stirlin, Amy his been rinnin the award nominatit Scots Sang an Leid Projeck in Stirlin cooncil schuils, an in Clackmannanshire syne 2015. This projeck is fundit by Creative Scotland’s YMI programme an gies bairns an introduction to Scots sang an leid, as weel as providin an opportuinity tae enjoy performances by some o the country’s best tradeetional musicians.

Amy’s wark spans a wide range o ages an abeelities, an she deleevers her warkshoaps in a wey that helps bairns lairn aboot an appreciate the rich cultur o sang an music in Scotlan.

Carefully designed classes & warkshops

Usin carefully craftit an designed worksheets tae compliament baith class contexts an support the Curriculum fer excellence, Amy impairts some o Scotlan’s maist fascinatin tradeetional Scots sangs, usin them tae expound baith understaundin an enthusiasm fer Scots leid, history an culture.

Amy deleevers yin aff an short speicialised subjeck sang clesses an warkshoaps in schuils throughoot the year tae barins o aa ages, rinnin Scots babby sang clesses an warkin fer Celtic Connections Education programme.