Warkshoaps an Tutorin

Amy is a raiglar an faur benned visitin tutor fer mony projecks, choirs an sang boorachs, as baith a Scots Sang specialist an singin tutor.

Group Teaching

As weel as teachin the Liltin Lassies, Amy currently raiglarly teaches an leads Angus Folk (Kirriemuir) The Wighton Singers (Dundee) and Blackford Sings (Blackford). She is a visitin tutor wi ither boorachs around Scotlan an his led warkshoaps an sang days fer mony groups an companies includin Hands up for Trad, Scotaland Sings an Celtic Connections.

Amy delivers compelling and fun workshops and sessions across Scotland that help people connect with the rich history behind Scots songs.

Tutorin an mair wark

She is currently Scots sang lecturer fer the junior Music programme at the RCS, whaur she delichts in teachin young Scots singers o the future, as weel as leadin sang clesses fer ither young tradeetional musicians on the coorse.

Forby, Amy his hid the great pleasure o warkin wi singin boorachs that promote singin fer health an recovery. She his warked wi groups o fowk that struggle wi mental health issues, addiction and illness, and his warked in partnership wi Alzheimer Scotland, Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust an the Mungo foundation.

Amy’s warkshops an tutorin bring a varieety o contexts tae her teachin. As some o her maist fufillin wark she excels at tailorin her warkshoaps an deleeverin her music in sic a wey that helps fowk connect e’en mair wi the rich cultur ahint Scots sangs.