Liltin Lassies

A fun, community singin boorach fer wimmin locatit in Dunblane.

Hoo it aa stairted

Designit an set up as an honours projeck fer Amy’s degree in 2007, the Liltin Lassies has bin rinnin ere since an under her direction his grown tae become yin o the largest, maist popular an sonsie community boorachs in Scotlan.

A weelcomin an fun communeety singin boorach fer wimmen wha luve lairnin Scots sangs thegither.

The Liltin Lassies Evolves

Stairtit initially as a tradeetional sang boorach, it still his a strang focus oan Scots Sang, bit noo forby, lairn an chant a wide range o sangs frae ither genres o music. In 2010 the boorach wis delichtit tae be votit as yin o the nominee fer Community projeck o the year at MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards.

All women who enjoy singing are very welcome to join the Liltin Lassies where they can sing, learn harmonies and socialise with other women. Amy loves working with this group to provide a fun and relaxed setting for women to connect through music and enjoy their local community. They work on song arrangements by Amy and regularly perform around Dunblane.

Want tae jine us?

Pleese veesit the Liltin Lassies wabsite tae find oot whaur we’re performin next an hoo ye can jine us. We’d luve tae meet ye!